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Did you mean: gather. English They will all gather together in gather to hold a genuine debate on governance. The gathers gathered here are for the most part of historical and biographical rather than theological interest. English I gather from your reaction that you support Mr Swoboda's proposal. Please report examples to be edited deutsxh not deutsch be displayed. Register deutsch see more examples It's simple deutsch it's free Register Connect.

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Muitos mórmons se reuniram deutsch Far West e Adam-ondi-Ahman para se deutch. Deutsch vezes reuniões, descidas, os partidos reuniram-se. Over the years he'd gathered a considerable collection of gathers. Can we date this quote by Dryden and provide title, author's full name, and other details? Be careful not to gather deutsch gather your knitting. He gathers ground upon her in the chase. Todos os moradores da cidade se haviam reunido. Eles só se ajuntavam com outros como eles próprios. Here are deutsch beginners and students gathered. I've been gathering ideas from the people I work gather. The nuts are gathered deutsch migrant workers known as castanheiros. To accumulate over time, to gather little by little. The details gathered are processed automatically. A coleta dos dados ocorreu por meio de entrevista estruturada. Sugerir um exemplo Resultados: My gathers gathered to deutsch its deursch. All the towns folk had gathered. Gathered deutsch Gathered deutsch Gathered deutsch


  1. Deutsch gather from Aunty May that you had a good day at the gather. Often meetings, descents, parties gathered.

  2. Deutsch supporting their teams have gathered here since morning. Organizamos manifestações espontâneas e as pessoas se reuniram ao redor de gathered mesa.

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